Want Your Kid To Dance? How To Choose The Perfect Fit For Them

Dance is a beautiful sport and art that is good for kids of all ages; especially the youth. By giving your kid discipline and the ability to create, there are all different types of dances that may be worth looking into for your kid. Whether your child wants to learn the classics (like ballet) or they want to learn more street-styled dance (like hip hop), moving their body may be the perfect outlet your child needs. 


If your child is going to learn one type of dance, make it ballet. Ballet is the best way for them to learn some of the most basic fundamentals of dance and gain some confidence as well. Because ballet is such a strict form of dance, they will learn all about structure, discipline, grace, and how to move their body in unique ways. Ballet will teach them how to manipulate their body in a more formal way and give them a lot of tools needed for other forms of dance.  For instance, by learning how to spot and properly do a pirouette, they can take those tools into modern, hip hop, and even jazz dancing.

Modern Dance

Modern dance is a great type of dance to do in conjunction with ballet or once they get more of a footing with ballet. While ballet is more about elongated movements and a pointed toe, modern dance tends to have more squared-off feet and smaller movements that have an equally large impact on the body and the audience. During modern dance, they will be given more opportunities to choreograph their own dances and really use dance as an emotional forum, which can be great for youth. 


Jazz dance is a full-body type of dance that has Black American roots and used a lot of jazz music as well. While jazz may not be the most contemporary form of dance, it's still a beautiful type of dance that goes well with ballet, but gives dancers more freedom in regards to movements and style. For instance, your jazz dancer will learn movements like how to do a jete while in ballet, but they can carry it forward into jazz dance as well.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a fun way to get your kid into more of a street-style dance. If your kid loves listening to hip hop music and dancing around the house, then sending them to a hip hop youth dance class may help them really learn some cool techniques. By getting down some of the basic fundamentals of hip hop dance, they can learn more street moves that they can take into the classroom or even some dance competitions. 

Contact a local dance instructor to learn more about youth dance classes in the area.