How To Use A Kindergarten Social Ready Kit

The use of some learning and assessment activities that are fun to complete will help you determine if your child is ready to attend kindergarten. A preparedness kit contains a parent's guide, a series of tactile and writing tools for a child to use, and an overview of what each activity is designed for.

A Kit

Children will learn from the guidance that their role models provide them with and through trial and error. A child who is on target and who is ready to interact with others may demonstrate their eagerness to communicate. Shop for a kit that includes a tote or a handled box that can be used to store all of the educational materials that are furnished. This type of kit will allow you to keep the learning materials neatly packaged when they are not actively being used.

A social ready kit may use colorful shapes and pictures throughout each learning or assessment activity. Your child may need to use paper, writing implements, and a dry erase board for some of the activities that they will be directed to complete. A parent's book will provide insight into each activity and will offer verbalization cues that can be used to encourage a child to participate in each activity that is being presented.

Social kits focus on the communication skills that a child has already mastered or is currently working on. Identifying objects by sight, repeating words and phrases verbatim, and sequencing or categorizing items and communicating the logic behind each decision are some basic learning and assessment activities that may be included in a kindergarten social ready kit.


A kindergarten screening is typically conducted upon enrollment at a school. A standard screening process will determine if a child is on target or needs to improve upon their communication or literacy skills. The activities in a kit will coincide with the types of activities or questions that your child may encounter during a screening.

A youngster's attention span will not be fully-developed and may limit the amount of time that they will be focused on learning and assessment skills. When using a social ready kit, coincide each lesson with your child's routine. Avoid presenting an activity during occasions when your child may be overstimulated from physical activity or feeling tired or hungry. Use a reward system to recognize each achievement that your child makes while using the educational materials.