Top Five Reasons To Choose An Arts Based Preschool Program

If it is time for your child to enter preschool, then you should consider enrolling them in an arts based preschool program. Preschools that focus on the arts have special benefits that other programs do not provide. In order to decide if this is the right educational program for your child, you will need some information on the benefits of such a program. The top five reasons you should choose this kind of program will be outlined below.

Physical Development

Children who learn dance develop hand eye coordination more quickly. Through dance your child will learn how to coordinate their body and develop control over their eye muscles. This is important because in order for your child to write properly, hand eye coordination must be developed. Developing eye control is also the first important step in learning to read.

Literacy Development

At a school that is focused on the arts there will be a lot of drawing and painting. By creating art and talking about it, your child will be actively learning how to create sentences and stories verbally which is an important prerequisite to learning to write them down. When your child learns from early how to create a story through a picture and talk about it, greater creative and general writing skills are developed.

Mathematical Skills

In music classes your child begins to learn about notes and that each has a greater or smaller value. This is an important skill that will translate to learning how to add, subtract and multiply. When mathematical skills are first introduced through a creative avenue such as music, it can help to decrease the chances that your child will develop the all too common fear of math.

Greater Confidence

Creating art is often a trial and error process. Sometimes a piece doesn't turn out exactly as you had planned and you have to find a creative solution to finish the final piece of art. Learning to find creative solutions is a skill that will help your child to develop confidence and the willingness to keep trying despite challenges.

Cooperation Skills

At an arts based preschool your child will participate in drama lessons. In order to act in any production great or small there must be sharing, cooperation and communication. Learning these skills through drama at such a young age is sure to help your child's social and emotional development.

Arts based preschool programs use art, music, dance and drama to teach kids life and academic skills. If you think that your child would benefit from such a program then you should not hesitate to enroll them.