Four Reasons Your Child Should Be In An After-School Program

Many parents utilize the help of after-school programs simply because it helps them with child care. If parents work outside of the home late, they are sure that their children are safe in the care of the after-school program rather than at home alone. However, even if you don't work late, you should consider the use of an after-school program. Here are four reasons why: 

  1. Child Is Less Likely to Drop Out: Not many people are aware of the alarmingly high rate of high-school dropouts. This is why it's so important to take action to help ensure your child continues their high-school education. One way to encourage this is to enroll your child in the after-school program, where they not only develop a better connection with their classmates, but also draw motivation from the counselors who work in child education.
  2. Child Is Less Likely to Have Behavior Problems: Another benefit of after-school programs is that your child is less likely to develop behavioral problems, simply because they develop relationships with their peers and are more likely to find an adult role model as well. With all the socialization, it is also more likely that they are going to have better socialization skills that hinder shyness, and other emotional and social problems that could affect them in the future. 
  3. Child Is More Likely to Take on a Leadership Role: With the developing confidence and socialization skills gained from the after-school programs, your child is also more likely to put themselves into leadership roles. This includes things like running for student council and more. After-school programs also help with this because it gives your child a better way to balance their daily activities from school to after-school programs to home life. 
  4. Child Is More Likely to Develop Healthy Habits: From eating to keeping fit, your child is more likely to develop healthier habits. Rather than coming home from school, eating unhealthy snacks they can help themselves to, and watching TV, they are instead given whatever is being served in the after-school program, and they are encouraged to participate in the activities that are going on that day. 

These are just four reasons why your child can benefit from the after-school program. It's definitely worth looking into, and if you have further questions, you can always talk with the counselors who run the program and even take a tour to see what it's like. To learn more, talk to companies like Paulding Preschool.