Is English Your Child's Second Language? 3 Tips To Help Them Adjust In Their New Preschool Classroom

Early childhood classrooms today are diverse, and teachers work hard to make sure that every child thrives in an inclusive environment. However, it is common for young children who speak a different primary language to require some assistance with learning how to communicate during the first few weeks. Use these tips to help your child adjust to their new classroom so that they get the most out of their learning program. [Read More]

Looking For A Private School For Your Children? Follow These Tips

If you have come to the conclusion that you want to make sure that your children are getting their education from a private school, it is time to start looking for the options that are available in your area. Of course, you don't want to simply pick the school that is the closest to you without first discovering whether they are able to meet your expectations. To help with that, you will want to follow these tips: [Read More]

How To Find A Good Daycare Program

You've had your little one and have spent time bonding with them as they've grown. Now, you're heading back to work and need to find a quality daycare facility for your child. The question is:  how do you determine which center is going to be right for them? You definitely don't want to leave your precious bundle of joy with the wrong person because they may not deliver the necessary level of care. [Read More]

Four Reasons Your Child Should Be In An After-School Program

Many parents utilize the help of after-school programs simply because it helps them with child care. If parents work outside of the home late, they are sure that their children are safe in the care of the after-school program rather than at home alone. However, even if you don't work late, you should consider the use of an after-school program. Here are four reasons why:  Child Is Less Likely to Drop Out: Not many people are aware of the alarmingly high rate of high-school dropouts. [Read More]