Four Reasons Your Child Should Be In An After-School Program

Many parents utilize the help of after-school programs simply because it helps them with child care. If parents work outside of the home late, they are sure that their children are safe in the care of the after-school program rather than at home alone. However, even if you don't work late, you should consider the use of an after-school program. Here are four reasons why:  Child Is Less Likely to Drop Out: Not many people are aware of the alarmingly high rate of high-school dropouts. [Read More]

Selecting A Preschool? 3 Things You Should Consider

As a parent, it's always a concern that your child is getting the best possible care during the day when you are away from them. When they get older and you're ready to go back to work, you may be looking into a preschool to enroll them in while you're at your job. With so many daycare providers out there, it can be a challenge to figure out which one is the best possible fit. [Read More]

Top Five Reasons To Choose An Arts Based Preschool Program

If it is time for your child to enter preschool, then you should consider enrolling them in an arts based preschool program. Preschools that focus on the arts have special benefits that other programs do not provide. In order to decide if this is the right educational program for your child, you will need some information on the benefits of such a program. The top five reasons you should choose this kind of program will be outlined below. [Read More]

Are You A New Preschool Teacher? 3 Signs That A Child In Your Class May Need Speech Therapy

As a preschool teacher, you have a unique opportunity to watch as the children in your class develop their oral language skills. However, the diverse difference in skills among children between the ages of three and four can sometimes make it hard to know when one is struggling with their speech. As you get to know each student in your classroom, stay alert for these signs that they may need a referral to a children's speech therapy program that helps them increase their abilities. [Read More]