Want Your Kid To Dance? How To Choose The Perfect Fit For Them

Dance is a beautiful sport and art that is good for kids of all ages; especially the youth. By giving your kid discipline and the ability to create, there are all different types of dances that may be worth looking into for your kid. Whether your child wants to learn the classics (like ballet) or they want to learn more street-styled dance (like hip hop), moving their body may be the perfect outlet your child needs. [Read More]

Are You Home Schooling Your Second Grader?

Have you been somewhat discouraged by the experiences your child is having in his or her first-grade year at public school? If so, maybe you are planning ahead to home school your child for second grade. If that's true, do you already have all of your plans made? In that case, there isn't a reason to continue reading. On the other hand, maybe you are still in the planning stages for teaching your child at home. [Read More]

Occupational Therapy May Help Your Child Develop Fine Motor Skills

The proper development of fine motor activities is important for normal growth and development. If your child has problems with fine motor activities like holding a pencil or using scissors, then they might struggle in school. These motor skills can be developed with the help of an occupational therapist, but it's best to begin treatment as soon as the problem is discovered, which might be in the toddler years or even as late as kindergarten. [Read More]

Are You Giving Your Little One A Head Start?

From the time your child was a tiny baby did you notice how she or he absorbed everything around him or her? It might have seemed like your baby's eyes were taking in all that the world had to offer. Sometimes taking in might have even included taking things into his or her mouth that you had to retrieve. Now that your child is a toddler, you have probably noticed that learning has taken on a whole different meaning. [Read More]